The Alternate Reality




Welcome to the "Alternate Reality". A place originally created to serve one purpose and one purpose only: to provide inspiration. Over time, this idea evolved into something special. It is now something that has been so thoroughly developed, so intricately designed, that it no longer seems like just another stray thought. Hence the name: "Alternate Reality".

A place filled with magic, wonder, quirky sci-fi creatures, futuristic technology, and all manners of mythical beasts, the Alternate Reality gradually developed over time into a world lush with life and teeming with activity. It is a place that has infinite potential, and where (almost) anything is possible!



The Universe

The universe itself is similar to ours, its outer space completely devoid of any breathable atmosphere (by human standards, at least). In this timeline, humans have evolved into a level 4 space-faring civilization capable of producing their own unlimited clean, green energy. In fact, it is this compact energy source that allowed humans to begin thorough space exploration in the first place. Many galaxies exist in this world, both in and out of the charted and mapped universe. Some worlds exist solely in pocket dimensions, and are accessible through the GalacticGate



The Alternate Reality has generated a lot of music during its existence, and continues to provide inspiration for tunes of all sorts. To explore the music library, click the link below.